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Raury’s last “official” release came in October of 2020, by way of his album Fervent. Though he holds an expansive archive of music in multiple corners of the interwebs, his fans that stick to streaming will be elated at his return. The 25 year old Georgia native sounds just as explorative and open-minded as ever in his new offering, urging listeners to be at peace with the occurences around them. This is definitely up his alley when listening to both the lyrics and sonic direction of his discography, and his core fans are sure to love the song.

Channel Zero” is dedicated to being in tune with self. Eclectic and layered, yet solidly and simply structured, the song engenders a relaxation that is coupled with piqued interest. As always, Raury has added depth to his verses and view of reality, creating questions that one may want to look into themselves for answers to. The nearly 4-minute track takes a few turns and shifts, layering on additions and vocal effects that ensure the song doesn’t overstay its welcome. Being as though he hasn’t released an official track in a while, the song length is actually a benefit, and it feels like we’re catching up with the artist in a music-led one-on-one.

Raury spoke on stepping away from labels and his current music back in 2018: “I want out of the label when the people who believed in me transition jobs to be replaced by strangers who don’t know me. It was like they were trying to put me in a position of fear and weakness so I could run out of money and they could control me. I would rather die than be controlled. I would rather take my career on a path where I can play with my friends, stay with family, and remain physically, psychologically and spiritually well.”

Listen to “Channel Zero” below:

Quotable Lyrics

Green grass and golden wheat,
Green wraps and golden weed,
Supposedly, I’m ‘posed to be one of the supernovas,

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