Download-Mp3-Music-Lil Gotit – She Know It

Download-Mp3-Music-Lil Gotit – She Know It

So far, Lil Gotit has proven to be one of the hottest new artists coming out of Atlanta. The rapper continues to display his lyrical skills in the official release of his song “She Know It.” After the song had been floating around SoundCloud since December, fans of Lil Gotit were in for a treat when the rapper released the song last night, and the accompanying visuals this morning. Although this release is a solo track, Lil Gotit has already has practice keeping up with the greats. Whether it’s on the Young Thug-assisted “Playa Chanel”, or when he’s rapped alongside other big names like Gunna, Quavo, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and his own brother Lil Keed.

Gunna also executive produced the rapper’s second studio album Top Chef GotIt, which notably marked GotIt’s rise to fame in the eyes of the Atlanta trap scene. Lil Gotit teams up with his brother Lil Keed in the visuals, as the two are seen casting spells and cooking up potions with the assistance of some lovely ladies. All the while Lil Gotit continues sliding over the beat, channeling that melodic-rap sound that Atlanta’s artists have on lock.

Throughout the video, GotIt is also seen waving a glowing magic wand while cooking up a purple potion in the mix. The video’s theme is no doubt a nod to the “I treat the stick in my hand like a wand,” line heard in the chorus of the song. Let us know what you think of the new video and if you’re looking forward to hearing some new heat from Lil Gotit.

Check out the “She Know It” visuals below.

Quotable lyrics:

Hop out broad day, hit a 360
Hoppin’ out of beyblades, spinnin’ ’til you dizzy
Spinnin’ like an arsenal, walkin’ out the booth
Yeah, I’m drippin’ on some Off shit, walkin’ in the room
Get it poppin’ on a broke bitch, neck typhoon

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