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Ever since appearing on Young Thug’s 2017 album Beautiful Thugger Girls, London singer Millie Go Lightly has been enjoying quite a bit of success in the music industry. She has been steadily dropping new tracks, and there is no doubt that the singer likes to toy around with her sound, on occasion. This was especially true on her latest single “Drillie Go Lightly,” which sees the artist experimenting with the drill sound that has become so famous over these last few years.

While the production doesn’t have the overt 808 slides that typical drill beats possess, the song is still rooted in that subgenre. Meanwhile, Millie offers steady flows that are sung in her undeniably catchy voice. Throughout the song, Millie is as confident as ever, and her lyrics certainly fit the subject matter one would find in a drill song. While some might think the crossover wouldn’t work, it actually pays off quite nicely.

You can check out the new song, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Call my phone said it’s like ASMR
At the strip club got me spitting my bars
He don’t wanna dance, he don’t even gotta ask
He’s just hear to kick back with a star

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