Download-Mp3-Music-Internet Money & Yeat – No Handoutz

Download-Mp3-Music-Internet Money & Yeat – No Handoutz

Over the last year or so, Yeat has become one of the biggest artists in terms of TikTok and social media recognition. His songs are always trending, and with each project, he provides at least one song that is subjected to meme fodder. With that being said, it is crystal clear that Yeat is an artist to watch for in 2022. In fact, he recently teamed up with Internet Money for a new song called “No Handoutz” which dropped last night.

The production on this song is perfect for Yeat as there are plenty of bells and synths in the background. From there, Yeat provides his signature flow that has become synonymous with his name. From the soaring background vocals to the humorous ad-libs, the Yeat formula proves to be a winning one.

Let us know what you think of the new track, in the comments below.

Quotable Lyrics:

They tryna steal my swag, yeah, but that’s a burglary
Yeah, I got bags sitting on top of the bags, boy, that’s a Virgil piece (Virgil)
Yeah, give my twizzy a hundon, got buddy murdered for me (Brr)
Yeah, I’m on the side where we win, yeah, we don’t really be keeping no peace

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