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Diplo has a knack for getting bodies moving and parties started. The 43 year old electronic dance legend has been getting people out of their seats for decades. Never lacking infectious energy, enthusiasm, and intensity, Diplo’s creations cultivate a space for motion and openness. He boasts a varied catalog, featuring heavy hitting offerings with Skrillex and Major Lazer, and tracks with a more mellow mood such as this Miguel assisted number, “Don’t Forget My Love.”

Miguel’s most recent body of work, Art Dealer Chic 4, was released back in April of 2021. It’s great to hear from him, with that gap in releases being unusual amidst his discography of late. Miguel slides over the track effortlessly, reaching soaring highs and serving as a solid centerpiece to the aforementioned space Diplo has crafted. It follows your common dancetrack formula, but fantastic execution is always the intention when it comes to Miguel. Each note is crisp, caring, and carries the energy of the song into the stratosphere.

The accompanying lyric video offers an 80s flair and finesse. Drenched in overlays, VCR references, and bathed in sunset hues, watching the lyric video alters your listening experience (as visuals should). Sitting in the middle of present and past, the song sounds futuristic with eyes closed and retrospective with eyes open.

This may be the first single from Diplo’s next album, which releases on March 4th.

Listen to “Don’t Forget My Love” below:

Quotable Lyrics

Push that weight on me like a fee, let’s rage in the moonlight,
Like a shot rings out in the darkness,
So you don’t forget my love

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