Download-Mp3-Music-Charmaine – Friends With Benefits

Charmaine has been one of the more unique up-and-coming women rappers over the past year or so, and her latest batch of singles has proven just how versatile of an artist she is. With each new release, Charmaine is able to add to her ever-growing fanbase, and tracks like “Friends With Benefits” are only helping her expand her reach. The new track was released this week, and it shows the artist going in a new, yet exciting direction.

In her first few tracks, Charmaine was mostly giving fans a lot of high-energy and aggressive flows. With this new release, Charmaine decides to enter the r&b lane with a song that will certainly find itself on Valentine’s Day playlist. The song has a more melodic feel, and the braggadocios lyrics help cement Charmaine as an artist who is very confident in her own abilities.

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