Biography Of Hauwa Garba (Yar Auta)Age, Career Net Worth

Biography Of Hauwa Garba (Yar Auta)Age, Career Net Worth

In this article we discuss with you information about one of the most popular and the funniest kannywood comedian, actress Hauwa Garba populary known as Yar Auta will share with you about her Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and pictures.

Full Name:- Hauwa Garba

Nike Name:- Yar Auta (Sabira)

Date Of Birth:- 13th June 1997

Place Of Birth:- Kano

State Of Origin:- Kano State

Age:- 24 Years Old

Nationality:- Nigeria

Tribe:- Hausa

Religion:- Muslim

Occupation:- Comedian, Actress

Net Worth:- $ 70,000

Who Is Hauwa Garba

Hauwa Garba who is populary known by her role model name she played in kannywood industry as Yar Auta, she is known as Sabina on role model she played in the TV series Gidan Badamasi.

Hauwa Garba (Yar Auta) has been a leading female comedian in kannywood. she join the kannywood industry after her first marriage and then later starred in the Hausa and comedies movies.

Hauwa Garba is also known as Maama she is an actress and an Enterprenur and a producer. she is the executive director of her film Company called HSG multimedia.

Early Background Life Of Hauwa Garba Yar Auta

Hauwa Garba was born in kano state nigeria in the year 13th of June 1997 nd she is currently 24years old.

Hauwa Garba attend her both primary school and secondary school education in kano state nigeria together with her parents in kano state nigeria.

Career Of Hauwa Garba Yar Auta

Hauwa Garba started her acting since 2014 she has passion for acting from a very tender age she talk to her parents about joining the kannywood industry and she was supported by her family with out facing any problem.

Hauwa Garba shot her first film in Katsina State Nigeria when she was contacted to be a leading character alongside Abubakar Dan Auta on film called Sakarkaru.

Hauwa Garba acting career was fem after meeting with Political inger Dauda Kahuta Rarara and as he was introduced to Producer by name Usman Muazu and that was how her acting career started and she became femous.

Hauwa Garba became popular after acting on a movie title Runfar Shehu after that movie she became star over night and every producer want her to played a part of his or her movie.

Hauwa Garba got her Yar Auta name from her personal creation and also the outlook has been her personal creation as well.

Hauwa Garba chose the name Yar Auta to cover up her popularity as an actress she wan once almost suffocate by her fans at an event and after that incident she is began to find a way of hiding her real face in Nasarawa state during festival when Hauwa Garba Yar Auta saw someone with that look and she decided to copy the Actress.

Yar Auta is not well recognized on public place not all her fans know her real face and she feel been safe in that way.

Hauwa Garba (Yar Auta) as been Featured in many kannywood film such as Yan Uku Uku, Sakarkaru, Bita Zai-Zai, Kulun Garba, Gidan Badamasi, and many more and she has won so many Comdey Award on kannywood Hausa Industry.

Yar Auta Marriage (Husband)

Hauwa Garba Yar Auta was married to late popular actor comedian Rabihu Musa Ibro they both meet at a drama session and they stated dating each other and later got married.

Hauwa Garba and Rabiu Musa Ibro produced one child through the child is late now before she got divorced and after age continued to separate lives as artist with out grudges.

Net Worth Of Hauwa Garba Yar Auta

Yar Auta is among the most femous kannywood actress who make her money from acting, production, and as an Enterprenur, she is net worth of $ 70,000

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