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Biography Of DJ Zubis,Age,Career,Phone Number,Wikipedia,Net Worth

Biography Of DJ Zubis,Age,Career,Phone Number,Wikipedia,Net Worth

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Real Name:- Muhammad Abdullahi

Nike Name:- DJ Zubis

Date Of Birth:- 14 April 1987

Place Of Birth:- Kutigi Lavun Local government

Age:- 35 Years Old

State Of Origin:- Niger State

Nationality:- Nigerai

Tribe:- Nupe

Occupation:- Nupe Singer, Nupewood Actor

Religion:- Muslim

Net Worth:- $600,000

Who Is DJ Zubis

Muhammad Abdullahi who is populary known as DJ Zubis is a indigenous Nupe singer, Songwriter, a performance artist and a Nupewood Actor and Producer.

DJ Zubis was born in Efun_Gama Kutigi Area of Lavun Local Government niger state, nigeria and he attends his both primary and secondary school education in Kutigi Lavun Local government.

Dj zubis was born into the family of Mall Alhaji Abdullahi Ezonuwan And Mallama Hajiya Fatma from Efun Gama Kutigi Lavun Local government niger state area of nigeria.

DJ Zubis his said to be one of the most influential Nupewood Actor and a talented Nupe singer with large number of fans base across nigerai and africa. DJ Zubis has also accociate alongside with top Nupe Singers like Prince Mk Amb Baggi, Ndako Tsaragi (Ndk Tsaragi) Sheshi Daudu, Ndako Kutigi, Larubawa Enterprise, Aisha Gbarigi, Amina Kashekala, and many more. also accociate alongside with top kannywood Hausa Singers like Ali Jita, Hamisu Breaker, Nafisat Abdullahi, Umar M Shareef, Mahmud Nagudu, and more.

Early Background Life Of DJ Zubis

Muhammad Abdullahi who is populary known as DJ Zubis was born on 14th of April 1987 in to the family of Alhaji Abdullahi Ezonuwan And Hajiya Fatma in Kutigi area of niger state, nigeria.

DJ Zubis Attend his primary school education at U B E primary school Kutigi and later proceeded to government day secondary school Kutigi. DJ Zubis became a graduate of computer science from niger state polytechnic zungeru national diploma (ND) from 2007-2009 and also higher national diploma (HND) in the same department.

Career Of DJ Zubis

Muhammad Abdullahi a.k.a DJ Zubis who is one of the femous Nupe singer and Nupewood Actor started his career as a sound Producer, producing sounds for Nupe Entertainment industry since 2011 after his national diploma program and in 2012 he started singing and now became as popular has he dream off in nupeland and across the nation.

DJ Zubis Hubby for music led him to start small computer business after his national diploma program which brought him to his high level famous in nupeland and in 2012 he released Lamilo Album which brought him to fam and gain recognition, large fans across the nation.

DJ Zubis in 2019 released his second studio Album Wewa Kezana which he Featured one of the famous Hausa kannywood singer Ali Jita in the Album and some top Nupe Singers.

Awards Won And Nominations By DJ Zubis

DJ Zubis has won and received so many awards from different angles of Nupe kingdom such as niger state, kogi state, and in Kwara State. DJ Zubis also won some awards from his friends, and fans.

DJ Zubis Played best role in Ezhi A Lokpa Nupe movie film which make him popular in Nupe film Entertainment industry and ever since then it as always been from one hit movie to another.

DJ Zubis has also appears in kannywood Hausa movie films and in nollywood movies where he was featured with stars like Yakubu Mohammed, Abubakar Baballe, Nafisat Abdullahi, Rahama Sadau, and More.

DJ Zubis Net Worth

Muhammad Abdullahi a.k.a DJ Zubis his one of the popular famous Nupe singer and Nupewood Actor with net worth of $600,000 estimated.

DJ Zubis 2019/2020 Album, Music, & Songs

DJ Zubis – Lamilo
DJ Zubis – Pack Am They Go
DJ Zubis – Yes
DJ Zubis – IG
DJ Zubis – Boro Toh Elu
DJ Zubis – Ebo Chin Chin
DJ Zubis – Chief Ya Danjuma
DJ Zubis – Kiribobo
DJ Zubis – Dasun Izhe
DJ Zubis – Egi Latichi
DJ Zubis – Wewa Kezana
DJ Zubis Ft Ali Jita – Zero To Hero
DJ Zubis – Coronavirus

DJ Zubis 2021/2022 Album, Music & Songs

DJ Zubis – Wedding Songs Be Safiya Complete Album
DJ Zubis Ft Hannah – Chin Chin
DJ Zubis – Kiribobo 2022 Remix
DJ Zubis – Kakaki Nupe
DJ Zubis – Ezi
DJ Zubis – Makiri
DJ Zubis – Chido Guba
DJ Zubis Ft Kashikala – Follow Follow
DJ Zubis Ft Fati Patigi – Yentugizhi

DJ Zubis Marriage

DJ Zubis got married to his first wife Mallama Fatima and their are Happy married and blessed with children and In 2021 DJ Zubis decided to got married to Mallama Safiya has a second wife and now they all living together as happy family.

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