Download-Mp3-Music-Olivia – No Permission

Download-Mp3-Music-Olivia – No Permission

Olivia Is Back With Sultry Single “No Permission Mp3 Download”. The former G-Unit hitmaker returns with an R&B slow jam to get you in the mood.

It feels as if it has been a lifetime since we have heard from Olivia, but the R&B songbird is readying a new season. Music fans fell in love with the singer during her early days decades ago on J Records and later during her Interscope tenure that aligned Olivia with 50 Cent’s G-Unit. Although her vocals can be heard on songs like “Candy Shop,” “Best Friend,” and “December,” Olivia hasn’t released a steady stream of new music in some time, outside of a few tracks delivered back in 2020

She has kept her life relatively private since her stint on Love & Hip Hop during the show’s earliest seasons, but recently, Olivia gave fans a taste of what she has been working on by releasing a new single, “No Permission.” The sexy, catchy slow jam is all about getting couples—relationships or situationships—in the mood, and fans are excited to hear what else she has in store for 2022.

” Thank you guys for riding with me and being patient with me. Navigating through a global pandemic and still grieving the loss of my mother…music was my sanctuary. I hope you guys enjoy listening to it, as much as I loved recording it.”

Stream “No Permission” and let us know what you think of Olivia’s latest.

Some Quotable Lyrics

We ain’t got no kids
I ain’t gotta tell you where to go or how to live
What you gotta wear or who them n*ggas you be wit
You don’t need no permission no permission
You ain’t got no babysitter (No)
You look like a heavy hitter
What time you gon come handle me
I ain’t no quitter (Oh no)
Boy you got my permission my permission

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