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All throughout 2021, Texas artist Mike Dimes put on a clinic for hip-hop fans in the South. He is a man who is always putting on for where he is from and his energetic, yet lyrical singles have enticed new listeners to check out his music. In 2022, Dimes is eager to show people what he can do, and with In Dimes We Trust dropping next month, the artist has blessed us with a brand new single called “Home.”

On this track, Dimes hits us with ear-capturing production and some extremely air-tight flows that showcase his abilities. Throughout the track, Dimes flexes his newfound status in the music world, all while expressing his pride for being from Texas. The lyrics are braggadocios yet playful, and overall, it is a solid introduction to the artist, if you’re not familiar with his work already.

You can stream the new song, down below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I was trippin’ off that hoe before but promise I ain’t trippin’
I was trippin’ off them Ksubi jeans but now my closet drippin’
Designer, got a bag and I couldn’t be prouder (Nah)
Drop a song and your status went nada (Nah)

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