Download-Mp3-Music-Armani White – BILLIE EILISH

Download-Mp3-Music-Armani White – BILLIE EILISH

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TikTok’s been abuzz with White’s “BILLIE EILISH.” before it was even released. The Philadelphia rapper posted a snippet of the song on the social media platform, and fans immediately were begging him to drop the whole thing. He finally gave into their demands last night. united kingdom

The song is not much longer than White’s teaser, but definitely packs a punch. The beat is infectious, using a Middle-Eastern sample with a blasted bass kick. White matches its energy in his snarling delivery. His lyrics are pure flexing– Armani raps of women, Lexuses, and Uber Eats. All of it combines into a minute and thirty-nine seconds of catchiness. Even though the song was just released, its premature virality has given it legs, as it’s already doing big numbers on streamers.

Billie Eilish herself hasn’t said anything publicly about the song. She’s not afraid of sharing her opinion on hot topics, though. She got into an argument with Kanye West after she took a dig at Travis Scott. She also was very frank about her involvement at Coachella, saying, “I should not be headlining.” And Armani White isn’t the only musician she’s inspired. Harry Styles recently said of her, “She broke the spell for me.”

Check out Armani’s song below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Bitch, I’m stylish
Glock tucked, big t-shirt, Billie Eilish
Watch on my wrist, but I want that in diamonds
N****s talkin’ crazy, when I pull up, it’s silent

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