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Raveena, 27 year old singer songwriter out of Queens, New York, released her very first EP Shanti in 2017. At the time, it was clear that she had a very comfortable presence and excellent vocal ability. Her range, approach, and varied palate gained notoriety online, and that’s where the origins of her fanbase began. She continued to develop these talents, crafting them into a formidable package with enough density to engage listeners for the long haul.

Her second project, 2019’s Lucid, saw Raveena elucidate upon what makes her who she is and the happenstances throughout her journey. The subject matter broadened, at the same time deepening, unfolding in a story that listeners could grow alongside of. Her topics ranged from spirituality to sexual trauma, and the interconnectivity of things betwixt. This wholehearted effort received great reviews, with NPR’s Sidney Madden detailing it “comforting but nuanced, balancing cultures old and new by mashing up contemporary R&B with traditions from the South Asian diaspora.”

In the 3 years since, Raveena has widened her scope on life, as expected of an artist in their 20s. Asha’s Awakening took the positives of Lucid and ran with them, experimenting with an expanded selection of instrumentation, and showing off even higher highs in her vocal repository. Spirituality and awareness spearhead the album, giving pause for thought in multiple instances. Raveena even takes it upon herself to speak directly to the listener about the perils of internet use, and guide through meditation and self searching.

Listen to Raveena’s new album Asha’s Awakening below:


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