Download FULL EP: Tanerelle – 82 Moons Zip

Download FULL EP: Tanerelle – 82 Moons Zip

Almost exactly a year ago, we featured Tanerélle in our Next Generation of R&B editorial, highlighting buzzing and noteworthy talent in the genre. At the time, we noted the sporadic nature of her releases, and how fans were still waiting on a proper debut album. Well, we’re pleased to say that she has dropped some new music, although it’s not a full album, it is a 6-song EP showcasing her unique talent.

Tanerélle’s 82 Moons is a sultry, modern, and sprawling work despite its 17-minute run-time. The project was preceded only by single “Good Good,” the catchy EP centerpiece that’s backed by a strumming guitar with a Spanish air to it. The independently-released EP follows Tanerélle’s spot on JoJo’s recent tour, while the singer continues to receive accolades for her older singles like “Mama Saturn.”

When it comes to the new release, Tanerélle had this to say: “82 Moons is the moment I submitted to unconditional love, eternalized. It encompasses my story of being seen, heard and realized by myself for the first time.”

Check out the tracklist below, and let us know what you think of the EP.

82 Moons Tracklist

  1. Space Cowgirl
  2. Sidetracked || Perfect Lover
  3. Good Good
  4. Water
  5. Twin Flame
  6. Lovin’ You

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