Download-ALBUM: Bakar – Nobody’s Home Zip

Download-ALBUM: Bakar – Nobody’s Home Zip

By way of London, England, rapper/vocalist Bakar has been trending upwards in the busy alternative scene since his 2018 tape Badkid. One of his most monumental releases came in the form of 2019 EP Will You Be My Yellow?, including hit “Hell N Back” and exciting collaboration with adjacent alt rap singer Dominic Fike.

Now, after dropping two promising promotional singles in 2021 with August’s “The Mission” and December’s “Build Me a Way” and one in 2022 with January’s “NW3,” Bakar has finally reached a peak with his debut studio album Nobody’s Home, released on Feb. 25.

Bakar’s promising, harmonious crooning and eerie ballads are sure to dazzle listeners on the new album, just as they have his entire career thus far.

Check out Nobody’s Home by Bakar below.


  1. Noun
  2. Youthenasia
  3. The Mission
  4. Reclaim!
  5. Not From Here
  6. Ginger Pubes
  7. Alone Again
  8. Runaway
  9. Riot
  10. Free
  11. Change of Heart
  12. NW3
  13. Gotham
  1. Build Me a Way

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