Biography Of Taaooma,Age, Career,Tribe, Net Worth

Biography Of Taaooma,Age, Career,Tribe, Net Worth

We discuss with you in this article about one of the nigerian professional comedian, contact creator, cinematography and social media influencer Maryam Apaokagi who is populary known by her comedy skit name as Taaooma, Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and pictures.

Full Name:- Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam

Nike Name:- Taaooma

Date Of Birth:- 28 February 1999

Place Of Birth:- Ilorin

State Of Origin:- Kwara State

Nationality:- Nigeria

Age:- 22 Years Old

Tribe:- Yeruba

Occupation:- Comedian And Business Woman

Net Worth:- $ 500,000

Who Is Taaooma

Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam who is populary known by her comedy skit name as Taaooma is one of the nigerian professional comedian, a content creator, cinematography and also a social media influencer

Taaooma is a very popular comedian, she is also known for her multiple acting roles in Nigerian comedy skit. Taaooma is discrible as a ingenious comedian who has made hilarious skits especially on how Africa mothers discipling their children.

Taaooma was a name from a abbreviation of all her real names Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam.

Taaooma was born in Ilorin Kwara State in to the family of Mr And Mrs Aishat Apaokagi Taaooma was the last born of 5 children. she was attend amazing kids private school & academy for her primary school education and finish her secondry school education at Concordia college in windheek Namibia.

Taaooma attend most of her education in Namibia when her parents moved. Taaooma return to Kwara State University llorin, nigeria where she had her bachelor degree in Tourism and hospitality.

Early Background Life Of Taaooma

Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam was born on 28 of February 1999 in nigeria but spent most of her early years in Namibia with her parents Mr And Mrs Aishat Apaokagi and she was the last born of 5 children.

Taaooma attend her primary school education in Amazing Kids Private School & Academy in Namibia and she finish her Secondry School Education at Concordia College In Windhoek Namibia. she studied Tourism and Travel service management at Kwara State University nigerai.

In October 2020 Taaooma got engaged her Fiance Abdulaziz Oladimeji in Namibia but not many of her fans were aware that she got engaged.

Abdulaziz Oladimeji her husband who is populary known as Abula his a music director. Taaooma said her husband discovered raw talent in his Bea, he encourage her to start performing comedy skit. Taaooma said her husband taught her how to use the camera and use video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro.

Career Of Taaooma

Apaokagi Maryam who is populary known as Taaooma started her comedy Carrer in 2015 after convincing her Fiance Abdulaziz Oladimeji (Abula) to teach her the basic of video editing and she steadily risen to stardom and prominence.

In 2019 Taaooma role with a comedy skit based on african parents taking their children to school and she was been nominated in virious global and national Awards and won few too.

Taaooma in 2019 won the Gage Awards at the best online comedian of the year and as well as the nigerian 25 under 25 Award as a social Enterprenur.

Taaooma comedy skit are centered on exposing african mother and their unique manner of disciplining african Children’s with a slap and in 2020 she was nominated in the MAYA award africa as the skit maker of the year and content creation (Vleggers and Youtubers) in the future awards africa.

Taaooma as Produce so many comedy skit which as increased her online presence, and the release of her comedy skit title When Your Mum Drive You To School in April 2019 went viral and exponential increase her populariry and online followers.

Taaooma as about 1M followers on instagram and about 1.5M followers on facebook, over 50,00 subscribers in youtube channel.

Net Worth Of Taaooma

Taaooma is one of the most femous, most popular successful nigeria comedian and a business woman. she is one of the most richest with net worth of $ 800,000.

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