Biography Of Rabiu Rikadawa Age, Career Net Worth

Biography Of Rabiu Rikadawa Age, Career Net Worth

In this article will discuss with you information about one of the most famous kannywood actor by name Muhammadu Rabiu Rikadawa About his Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth and pictures.

Full Name:- Muhammadu Rabiu Rikadawa

Nike Name:- Rabiu Rikadawa

Date Of Birth:- 5th February 1972

Place Of Birth:- Kaduna

State Of Origin:- Kano State

Currently:- Kaduna State

Nationality:- Nigerian

Occupation:- Actor, Script Writer, Comedian

Maretal Status:- Married

Tribe:- Hausa

Net Worth:- $ 800,000 Dollars

Who Is Rabiu Rikadawa

Muhammadu Rabiu Rikadawa who is populary known as Rabiu Rikadawa is a kannywood and nollywood artors in nigeria film industry.

Rabiu Rikadawa is among the most talented, femous, brilliant actor in kannywood, Hausa film and his also a hilarious comedian.

Rabiu Rikadawa his from Rikadawa in Modobi local government area of kano state, nigeria. he was raised and grown up together with his parents in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Early Background Life Of Rabiu Rikadawa

Muhammadu Rabiu Rikadawa was born on 5th February 1972 in Rikadawa Town and he was raised and grown up in Kaduna State together with his parents.

Rabiu Rikadawa his an origin of Rikadawa ward in Modobi local government area in kano state, nigeria and that is why Rikadawa was attached to his name. if not he was birth in kaduna state.

Rabiu Rikadawa attend his both primary and secondary school education in kaduna state, nigeria.

Career Of Rabiu Rikadawa

Muhammadu Rabiu Rikadawa is one of the unique actor in Hausa film industry ( Kannywood ) his a versatile actor who has turned kannywood, Hausa Movie’s Industry his Multi-dimensional roles.

Rabiu Rikadawa always has a dream to became artor since he was in secondry school because he was one of the members of Hausa club drama society in his school.

Rabiu Rikadawa started a drama program at Kaduna State Broadcasting Corporation (KSBC) but now called Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC) and gradually his dream became a popular one and he was invited by FRCN Kaduna to start a Television drama at NTV Kaduna and that was how Rabiu Rikadawa started and became popular.

Muhammadu Rabiu Rikadawa continued to grown in status and fame and his career kick off professionally and Rabiu Rikadawa got the opportunity to star in the same of the celebrated production by a defunat cable Company DITV and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Series and Soap such as Tales by The Moonlight, Wisdom is an Asset, Adventure Of Waziki and the Talefest Series.

Rabiu Rikadawa his said to be one of the most popular actor in kannywood. Rabiu Rikadawa friends and fans maintained that his acting ability has remained timeless.

Rabiu Rikadawa as been Feature in many to movie like Salaha, Jamila da Jamilu, Rariya, Dan Almajiri, Alkahim Kauge. and also associate with top kannywood stars like Sani Danja, Adam Zango, Hamisu Breaker, Maryam Yahaya, Tijjani Asase, Tijjani Faraga Ali Nuhu.

Muhammadu Rabiu Rikadawa his a family man his married with six children, four handsome boys, and two beautiful girls.

Hit Movie’s Of Rabiu Rikadawa

Bayan Mutuwa


Dare Daya





Sarki Jatau

Ki Yarda Deni

Dan Almajiri


Jamila Da Jamilu


Bada Ba Rai

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