Biography Of Portable Omolalomi, Zazoo,Career,Wiki,Net Worth

Biography Of Portable Omolalomi, Zazoo Zeh,Age, Career,Tribe,Net Worth

In this article we discuss and share with you information about Portable Omolalomi a.k.a Zazoo Zeh Boss Who is a Nigerian most talented Rapper, Songwriter, Singer, and a Dancer, Age, Early Background Life, Career, Real Name, Songs, Wiki, Net Worth, Religion, Net Worth, and pictures, Portable Zazu age, Portable Zazu News today, Portable Zazu Zeh, Portable Zazu Wikipedia, Portable Zazu Zeh video, Portable Zazu before and after pictures, Portable Zazu Biography, Portable Zazu Net worth, Portable zazu Instagram, Portable Zazu wife, Portable zazu run mad, Zazu by Portable mp3 download, What happened to Portable today, Zazu picture, Portable Zazu house and cars, Portable Zazu old picture, Portable Zazu mother, Portable Zazu Net worth 2022, Portable Zazu Net Worth in Naira, Portable Zazu Wikipedia, Portable real name, Portable Zazu Phone Number, Portable Omolalomi Phone Number, portable latest song, portable all eyes on me, portable music, portable air conditioner, portable, portable new tattoo

Full Name:- Habeeb Okikiola

Nike Name:- Portable Omolalomi (Zazoo Zeh)

Date Of Birth:- 12 March 1994

Place Of Birth:- Abeokuta

State Of Origin:- Ogun State

Age:- 27 Years Old

Nationality:- Nigeria

Religion:- Muslim

Occupation:- Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, And Dancer

Tribe:- Yeruba

Record label:- N/A

Net Worth:- $ 40,000

Who Is Portable Omolalomi ( Zazoo Zeh)

Habeeb Okikiola who is populary known by his stage name as Portable Omolalomi is one of the talented nigeria rapper, singer, songwriter, and a Dancer.

Portable Omolalomi is said to be new face in nigeria music industry and indigenous rap scence.

Portable is the new treading nigeria music artist with several hit songs. his known as a street shaku shaku, street problem, Wahala musician, he was discrible with so many name as he drop many back to back hit track.

Portable Omolalomi was born in Ogun State on 12 of March 1994 and his 27 years old and his also known as Yaromaiswag.

Early Background Life Of Portable Omolalomi (Zazoo Zeh)

Habeeb Okikiola who is populary known as Portable Omolalomi, a.k.a Son Of Shaku Shaku, a.k.a Street Problem, a.k.a Wahala Musician was born in Ogun State, Nigeria on 12 March 1994 in Abeokuta.

Portable (Zazoo Zeh) was born in to the family of Mr And Mrs Okikiola in Ogun State in southwest nigeria and portable his Yeruba Language by Tribe.

Portable grown up and was raised together with his parents in Abeokuta city and adehered to the muslim faith just like his father and mother.

Portable became well versed in the Yeruba Language from a early age as it was the medium by which he communicate with his parents, friends in school.

Portable attend his both primary and secondary school education in Ogun State, Nigeria. while he was still elementary schools he became influenced by rap songs by america artist such as Dr. Dre, Tupac, Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G And Snoop Dogg, he admired those artist and started composing hi won rap songs

Habeeb Okikiola who is populary known as Portable Omolalomi is 27 years old as of today.

He resided in the Mainland part of Lagos before but recently moved to the island – Lekki. He lives in a spacious apartment in a high-rise neighborhood in Lekki.

Though he is yet to unveil her identity to the public, he is currently in a serious relationship with a beautiful young lady. He visits Ogun State from time to time to see his parents and siblings.

Portable also rise of indigenous rap artist like Dagrin, Olamide, CDQ, Lord Of Ajasa, Danny Young, M.I Abaga, Ice Prince, Zlatan, Naira Marley, and more. Portable decided to shwth to Yeruba Rap and he was motivated to a professional musician.

Career Of Portable Omolalomi (Zazoo Zeh)

Portable Omolalomi decided to move his residence to Lagos State, the music capital of Africa after recognizing the fact that he had a better chance of succeeding in the industry if he was at the center of it.

Portable Omolalomi sought out producers he could work when he got to Lagos, and he composed new rap songs on a regular basis. And portable still maintained a 9-5 job as an artisan in the mainland part of Lagos to pay his bills.

Portable record so many songs that did poorly commercially bit he was undeterred in his dream of becoming an A-list artist in the industry.

Portable Omolalomi a.k.a Zazu Zeh has been in the music industry for Over 10 years before his final break through and proper recognition from top singers like Olamide, Poco lee.

Poco Lee introduced Portable Omolalomi to Olamide after showed him a video of him and immediately, Olamide picked interest and called up to make a song the next day.

The Zazooo is said to be the best Trending Street Slang Now, rocking December 2021 and obviously the New Year ( 2022 ).

Net Worth Of Portable Omolalomi

Habeeb Okikiola who is populary known as Portable Omolalomi (Zazoo Zeh) is Among the femous nigeria music rappers, with the estimate net worth of $ 400,000.

Portable Omolalomi Real Name

Habeeb Okikiola

Portable Omolalomi Date Of Birth

12 March 1994

Portable Omolalomi Place Of Birth

Abeokuta city

Portable Omolalomi State Of Origin

Ogun State

Portable Omolalomi Tribe

Yeruba Language

Portable Omolalomi Record Label


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Who Is Portable Father

Mr Okikiola was Portable Father he was born in to the family in the year 12 March 1994.

Did Olamide Sign Portable

Olamide Sign Portable into his record label known as YBNL after Poco lee show him video of Portable dancing and Olamide decided to Remix his Zazoo Zeh music.

Portable Biography And Net Worth

Portable the king of Zazoo Zeh is one of the most talented nigeria rapper, singer and a music dancer with the net worth of $90,000

Portable Omolalomi Songs

Portable Omolalomi have more than 50 songs featuring with top music singers across the country.

Portable Net Worth 2021

Portable Net Worth 2021 was just little$50,00 as upcoming treading artist but in 2022 Portable Net Worth grown up to $90,000

Where Is Portable From

Zazoo Zeh monster a.k.a Portable is from Ogun state area of nigeria.

Portable girlfriend

portable nigeria artist his still single and searching e haven’t disclose his girlfriend to anyone.

How Old Is Portable

Portable is now 28years old in 2022

Pictures Of Portable

Portable Zazu age

Portable is 28 Years Old in 2022 he was born 12 March 1994 in nigeria

Portable Zazu News today

Nigeria most talented femous singer portable show his new tattoo

Portable Zazu Zeh

Portable Omolalomi is one of the talented nigeria rapper, singer, songwriter, and a Dancer.

Portable Zazu Wikipedia

Portable Zazu Zeh video

Portable Zazu before and after pictures

Portable Zazu Biography

Habeeb Okikiola who is populary known as Portable Omolalomi, a.k.a Son Of Shaku Shaku, a.k.a Street Problem, a.k.a Wahala Musician was born in Ogun State, Nigeria on 12 March 1994 in Abeokuta.

Portable Zazu Net worth

portable Zazu Net Worth is $400,000 dollars estimated but his net worth increase day by day as he hit the street with we song

Portable zazu Instagram

Portable Zazu wife

Portable zazu run mad

Zazu by Portable mp3 download

What happened to Portable today

Nigeria most talented femous popular singer portable new tattoo as been the talk of town and Radio stations.

Zazu picture

Portable Zazu house and cars

Portable Zazu old picture

Portable Zazu mother

Portable Zazu Net worth 2022

Portable Zazu Net Worth 2022 is $700,000,00 estimate his net worth increase then 2021 when it net worth was $400,000,00 dollars

Portable Zazu Net Worth in Naira

Portable Zazu Net Worth In Naira is 4000 million Naira estimated

Portable Zazu Phone Number

Portable Zazu Phone Number is not disclose to the public

Portable Omolalomi Phone Number

His phone number is not disclose to the public

portable latest song

Portable as been releasing back to back hit songs ever since he hit the music industry.

portable all eyes on me

Portable all eyes on me is one of the trending music in nigeria with lot of streaming about million of people listing to that music

Portable Music

Portable Music as got the street rockabilly and many party ground, and shows

portable air conditioner,

portable new tattoo

Portable has sparked reactions online with the new set of tattoos he got.

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