Biography Of Nafisat Abdullahi Age,Career Early Life,Net Worth

Biography Of Nafisat Abdullahi Age, Career Early Life Net Worth

Will share with you in this article the information about Nafisat Abdullahi who is among the nigerian Actress, Film Producer, Director, and Enterprenur. Will discuss about her Age, Early Life, Carrier Net Worth and pictures.

Full Name:- Nafisat Abdulrahma Abdullahi

Nike Name:- Nafisat Abdullahi

Place Of Birth:- Jos Plateau State

Date Of Birth:- 23 January 1991

State Of Origin:- Plateau State

Nationality:- Nigeria

Occupation:- Actress, Film Producer, Director,And Enterprenur

Age:- 30 Years Old In 2021

Tribe:- Hausa

Gender:- Female

Net Worth:- 20 Million Naira

Who Is Nafisat Abdullahi

Nafisat Abdulrahma Abdullahi is one of the most talented femous nigerian Actress, Film Producer, Director And Enterprenur.

Nafisat Abdullahi is a business woman born and raised up in plateau state jos, nigeria. She found a film production company and two startups.

Nafisat Abdullahi was born in Jos on 23 January 1991 in plateau state, nigeria.

Early Background Life Of Nafisat Abdullahi

Nafisat Abdulrahma Abdullahi was born on 23 of January 1991 in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. She attend her both primary and secondary school education in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria.

Nafisat Abdullahi celebrate her birthday every 23 of January every year and always get ready to wish good her birthday when nest the day comes by again

Career Of Nafisat Abdullahi

Nafisat Abdullahi started her acting career in 2009 at early stage and she quickly rose to prominence in northern nigeria.

In November 8 2016 Nafisat Abdullahi I’ve laugh foundation and the new Nahaz fashion house projects since then.

Nafisat Abdullahi made her debit in Sai Wata Rana in 2010 at the age of 18 with FKD production. it was produced and directed by awards winning Actor Ali Nuhu.

Sai Wata Rana was the first main part Nafisat Abdullahi played and began to shine among the stars.

In 2012 Nafisat Abdullahi also role in Ahlul kitab and Dan Marayan Zaki and it catapulted her career to new heights as both film were among the highest-grossing films of all time.

Nafisat Abdullahi Started opposite Ali Nuhu and Sadiq Sani on 2012 in Kenneth Chang’s nigerian film blood and Henna where she received six nomination and won best costumers design at the 9th africa movie academy award.

In 2013 Nafisat Abdullahi acted in Aminu Saira a successful film lamiraj which she won best actress and in 2014 she acted Ya Daga Allah and won best actress.

Nafisat Abdullahi was suspended by the Nigeria Arewa filmmakers association disciplinary Committee for failing to appear before the committee after being summoned for organizing a banned event by Hausa movie industry followers in 2013 and the disciplinary body imposed a two years suspension which was lifted in August 2013.

Nafisat Abdullahi performed in Aminu Saira Kalamu Wahid in 2014 and Ya Daga Allah.

Nafisat Abdullahi is the creator of Nahaz brand (Boutique) Grand Tailors ( tailoring services film) and Nafs Entertainment LTD a film production company where she produced and directed her two films Guguwar So 2016 and Yaki A Soyayya 2017.

Nafisat Abdullahi is pushing a photographic profession in another country. Nafisat Abdullahi was one of the only two nigerians invited to the Berlin international film festival in 2013, alongside a nollywood cine matographer, and was after wards invited to nollywood festival in Atlanta decorated actress and the first female to be endorse by MTN.

Awards Won By Nafisat Abdullahi

In 2013 city people entertainment Awards she was named Best actress. and she was also named MTN Nigeria Best Kannywood actress in 2014 amidst others.

Top Movies Of Nafisat Abdullahi


Ya Daga Allah


Ban Kasheta Ba

Cikin Waye

Dawo Dawo

Gabar Cikin Grda

Jari Hujja

Madubin Dubawa

Fataken Dare

Blood And Henna

Alhaki Kwikwiyo

Baiwar Allah

and many more.

Net Worth Of Nafisat Abdullahi.

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