Biography Of Koffi, Age,Career,Real Name,Net Worth

Biography Of Koffi,Age,Career, Real Name,Net Worth

Koffi is one of the nigerai entertainer, Comedian, musicain and a actor in this article we discuss with you about his early Background Life, Career, Net Worth and pictures.

Full Name:- Koffi Ayinde Idowu Nuel

Nike Name:- Koffi

Date Of Birth:- 11 March 1977

Place Of Birth:- Maroko

State Of Origin:- Lagos State

Age: 45 Years Old

Nationality:- Nigerain

Occupation:- Comedian, Actor, Entertainer, Musicain.

Net Worth:- $ 90,000

Who Is Koffi

Koffi Ayinde Idowu Nuel who is populary known as Koffi is one of the most talented femous musicain, actor, comedian and Entertainer in nigerai.

Koffi was born in to the family of Mr And Mrs Togolese in Maroko and he had his elementary education in lagos with secondary school education at molusi college in ijebu Igbo ogun state nigeria.

Early Background Life Of Koffi

Koffi Attend his elementary education in Lagos State and also attend his secondry school education at Molusi college in ijebu Igbo ogun state, nigeria and also studies chemistry in the university of Lagos.

Koffi was born on 11 March 1977 in Maroko (An Old Slum in lagos in the new lekki oniru sits after it was demolished in 1990.

Koffi always Celebrate his birthday every 11 of March every year so be among who we wish him good on his nest birthday.

Career Of Koffi

Koffi started his career in 1998 when he was trained as a stage Actor, dancer, and opening comedy act.

Koffi played the characters as Dauda on Shake Body Comdey Campus Sti Com Twilight Zone and he became popular on the Featuring on the acting that was his first television breakthrough.

As a stand-up comic Koffi hosted event regularly about school and opened up before played ran to a playing student audience and in 2003 he auditioned of the famous nigerai comedy event night of a thousand laughs.

Koffi was chosen as one of the four qualified of to perform at the annual cencert from a total of thirty four talent.

Net Worth Of Koffi

Koffi is among the most talented femous richest nigerai comedian with the estimate net worth of $90,000

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