Biography Of (Cultist Boy) OGB Recent, Age,Real Name, Career,Wiki,Net Worth

Biography Of (Cultist Boy) OGB Recent, Age, Real Name, Career,Wiki, Net Worth

Michael Charles who is populary known by his comedy skit role model name as OGB Recent a.k.a Cultist Boy is a fast rising upcoming nigeria comedian in this article we discuss and share about his Age, Early Background Life, Career, Net Worth and pictures.

Full Name:- Micheal Charles

Nike Name:- OGB Recent, Cultist Boy,

Date Of Birth:- 2nd September 1997

Place Of Birth:- Warri

State Of Origin:- Delta State

Nationality:- Nigeria

Age:- 25 Years Old


Relationship:- Single

Occupation:- Comedian, Content Creator

Net Worth:- $ 40,000

Who Is OGB Recent (Cultist Boy)

Michael Charles who is populary known as OGB Recent Cultist Boy is a fast rising upcoming nigeria comedian,a computer operator, content creator, show Bobo ,and funny Laugh shows.

OGB Recent Cultist Boy is indeed a talented brilliant Nigerian comedian who got motivated by one of the most popular femous nigeria comedian Brain Jotter to Startup his comedy Brand.

OGB Recent (Cultist Boy) is a super Instagram comedian, Influencer and skit maker. Ogb Recent is otherwise called Cultist Boy because he uses Cultism Orientations to Render his Jokes and skits.

OGB Recent Cultist Boy was born and raised up in Ijaw in Warri Town, is well known as a young competent actor and comedian that specializes in creating funny jokes and comedy videos that make people laugh so hard. most of his fans popularly know him as Cult Boy and is a stand-up comedian.

OGB Recent a.k.a Cultist Boy as also accociate alongside with top nigerai comedians like Broda Shaggi, Officer Woos, Small Soult, Cute Abiola, Mc KoLo, Mr Macaroni, Alhaji Suberu, Kiriku, Mc Mbakara, Ay Comedian, and many more.

Early Background Life Of OGB Recent (Cultist Boy)

Michael Charles who is populary known as OGB Recent (Cultist Boy) was born on 2nd September 1997 in Warri in Ijaw which is his homeTown Delta State area of nigeria. he was born into the family of Mr And Mrs Charles.

OGB Recent (Cultist Boy) attend his both primary and secondary school education in Warri Delta State when he was still living with his parents back than.

Career Of OGB Recent (Cultist Boy)

Michael Charles a.k.a OGB Recent (Cultist Boy) started his comedy career some years back and as a random skit creator. 

OGB Recent Cultist Boy was on the verge of giving up at times when the item was not converting as he desired. Ogb’s initial intention was to become a cameraman, but he eventually altered his mind and landed as an actor and comedian.

As A young and talented guy He started acting films from his hometown and has pulled out lots of videos projecting his talents for years before rising to stardom while in the street.

OGB Recent was also featured in series of comedy shows until he was able to carve out a unique pattern of his own which is the Rival slang (Cultist Boy).

He started acting Comedy portraying the character of a pastor. According to OGB Recent Cultist Boy People were not interested in him because they said he wasn’t funny. Then he switched to a new style.

in the year 2021 OGB Recent started gaining little recognition but Ogb rose to prominence as a celebrity comic actor in 2022.

In practically all of his skits, he sounds and acts like the legendary Brain Jotter, yet with a unique approach.

OGB gained popularity for employing cultist slangs and the question (U wan Collect)? When hoodlums or cult organizations are going to pillage or forcefully steal something from someone, they commonly say this.

OGB Recent (Cultist Boy) got fame and popular after he released a the video which he entered Okada (bike) and threatened to beat up the cyclist if he dared to ask him for money after he got off the machine.

OGB Recent (Cultist Boy) has finally shown his music skills by dropping a new track tagged, “Abi You Wan Collect.” This incredible melody will surely get you hooked in no time at all.

This is absolutely a spectacular sound you’ll love Ayo vibe with and should add to your music collection if you are indeed a lover of good and beautiful music. So get this brand new tune “Abi You Wan Collect By OGB Recent” below and don’t forget to check out other latest Nigerian music here. DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE


Net Worth Of OGB Recent (Cultist Boy)

OGB Recent (Cultist Boy) is a fast rising upcoming most talented nigeria comedian, with the net worth of $ 40,000 estimated.

OGB Recent Cultist Boy MP3


OGB Recent House

Ogb Recent Cultist Boy Real Name

Micheal Charles

Ogb Recent Father

Mr Charles

ogb recent car

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