Aliko Dangote Investment Profile And Net Worth 2022

Aliko Dangote Investment Profile And Net Worth 2022

Aliko Dangote is the father and president/ Chief executive of Dangote group.

Dangote group is the largest conglomerate in west africa. Dangote group is Among the 17 african countries and it lead the market on cement for the continent.

Dangote his on board internationally with corporate council of africa.

Aliko Dangote his also the of steering committee of united nation secretary-general global education first initiative the clinton global initiative, the mckinsey advisory council.

Aliko Dangote is a board member of international business council of the world economics forum.

Dangote was name Co-chair of the US-Africa business center by US chairman of commerce on September 2016.

Aliko Dangote joined board of directors of the clinton health access initiative on April 2017 to help the country to build system that are necessary to provide health services to the people.

The Dedicated Philanthropist Of Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote make his initial endowment of S 1. 25 billion on Dangote Foundation on march 2014 that enable him to scale up the work in health education and economic empowerment.

Dangote collaborate with Bill gate and Melinda gates foundation to fight polio. Aliko his on board of one of the anti-proverty group that was Co-founded by Bono.

Aliko Dangote his a graduate of Al-Azahar University of Cairo Egypt. he begins his business career on 1978 with the trade of rice, suger and cement, before he venture into full-Scale manufacturing.

In 2013 Aliko Dangote was list most powerful man in africa by Forbes and on April 2014 time magazine list him among the 100 most influential People in the world. and he was also list on CNBC top 25 businesses man of the world that change and shape and century.

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